Filemaker Relational Database Sample (click to enlarge)

The city table is the master table for each case. All of the other tables are tied to the city table.

The source and coder table indicates who entered the data along with providing some basic information about each source.


This table shows one of the episodes from the Durham case. On the right are links to the events that are part of that episode.

Although there are more questions in this table, this portion of the table indicates some information about the event as well as the individuals and organizations who were present at the event.

The individual actor table contains information about each actor.

This table contains information about organizations, although there are additional questions not pictured. The actors pictured here are connected through their presence at the demonstration pictured above.

In addition to capturing specific information about the events and actors, we also capture information about the process of desegregation in each city using a complex set of variables.

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